Privacy Policy
For the use of Skyworker by a specialist

We are Skyworker, a company established and existing under the laws of Ukraine (hereinafter "Skyworker", "we", "us" and "our") and we operate as a platform connecting specialist with companies intending to show him vacancies that are not opened yet ("portraits") and are part of the companies strategic hiring plan, whereas the connection is made through an employment mediation platform

Skyworker respects the privacy and is committed to protect the personal information that specialist shares with us. Hereby we will give on request an overview of the data being collected, the legal basis for the processing of personal data, how we use personal data, third parties involved in the processing of specialist's personal data, safeguards applied in order to secure specialist's data, the Company's obligations in relation to the specialist's data processing and specialist's rights regarding the collected data.

Skyworker process only such personal data which has been obtained directly from the specialist.

We collect specialist's personal data only for the purposes of finding portraits which match the specialist's profile and create analytics about job market for him. All the data processing activities are conducted upon specialist's permission, which is granted to Skyworker by accepting our Privacy Policy.

If the specialist decides to create a profile in order to use Skyworker service, then he is requested to provide his first and last name, e-mail address, current work sphere and information concerning his work expectations. We will not share personal specialist's information with any Company without specialist's approval.

Skyworker will retain specialist's personal data for no longer than it is reasonably necessary for the purposes for which the data were initially collected or processed. Specialist's personal data shall be deleted at latest upon specialist's request.

Specialist has the right to request access, erasure and removal of its personal data from Skyworker active files in the event the law prescribes such right. Specialist is also entitled to raise concerns about the handling of his personal data to us or to a Data Protection Supervisory Authority.

Skyworker reserves the right to alter the terms of the Privacy Policy at any time by updating the Privacy Policy on the Skyworker website/app.

In case you have any questions concerning Privacy Policy, please contact Skyworker at