Gives company final candidates at the moment of vacancy opening
We are Skyworker Team
C-level management have been working together for 3 years
We've been working with marketing team together for 1 year
Lidiya Terpel
Oleksandra Bernatska
Olha Kapinos
Ihor Tkanov
Kiril Turaev
Frontend Developer & Designer
Vladislav Logovskiy
SEO Specialist
Ivan Volovik
PPC Specialist
Our Expertise
4,5 years in Career Consulting for IT specialists
More than 3000 specialists.
3 years in IT Recruiting
More than 200 closed vacancies.
Created the biggest IT Community in Ukraine - Silicon Drinkabout
More than 6 000 people.
Pain of our clients
Company can't scale faster, because they have long period of hiring specialists.
Consecuences of this problem:
    1. Business loses profit because of delays with vacancy closing.
    2. Business loses time on communication with irrelevant specialists.
    3. Companies can't deliver their Employer Brand to the right candidates.
    There is no tool on the market that can solve this problem
    All existing solutions work only with already open vacancies.
    We understood, that the only way to solve the problem - is to jump into recruiting process before the vacancy is open.
    Our Solution

    AI platform where companies get final candidates at the moment of vacancy opening

    With the help of growing company's own community of IT candidates on Skyworker
    How does it work?
    Company creates its account
    Company leaves two types of data on the platform:
    1. Detailed information about the company - Company Profile.
    2. Data about specialists they hire regularly - Specialists Portraits.
    Company gets Communities
    Algorithm gathers relevant specialists in pools for each Specialists Portrait in one place.
    Company gets analytics about Specialists relevance, skills and motivation.
    Company grows Employer Brand
    Platform gives variety of functional for growing specialists loyalty to the company. When the vacancy opens - recruiters work with pools of specialists who are already interested in the company.
    Company make Custom Offer
    Company knows everything about specialists needs and demands. Platform gives all possibilities to create custom offers that specialist will accept.
    How does the company see the platform?
    Communities for each Portrait
    Pools for 4 companies` Portraits
    How is the pool for 1 Portrait looks like
    Relevant Candidate
    How does company see the Profile of Candidate
    Impact in numbers
    Shorten the period of closing a vacancy by 5 times
    Reduce costs for recruiting by a factor of 12
    Delay with vacancy closing = 0 days
    Our Clients are:
    High Tech, Innovative, ICT companies
    Have a growth plan for more than 20 specialists per year
    Have regular positions in specific IT directions - positions that consist the core of their business
    Aspire to develop their Employer Brand and stand out on the competitive market
    We have 4 types of competitors on a Global market, we deeply researched 67 of them.
    Here is all our data competitors.
    Our Business Model is SaaS
    Packages of services for Ukrainian IT companies
    Up to 3 Portrait
    Up to 8 Portraits
    Up to 15 Portraits
    Price (paid quarterly)
    What did we achieve for 5 months?
    Beta version developed and tested for the first 3 month.

    Now we are working on MVP. Release in October
    17 IT Companies became our Early Adopters
    Conducting negotiations with 12 more Companies.
    1200 specialists are in a waiting list. We gathered data for automatic profile creation in Release moment. Weekly Growth 10%
    Have invested own funds - $ 25 000 on development, operations, preparing marketing & sales plan

    Conducting negotiations with 4 angel investors about investments in amount $150 000
    Our Market - Global
    First 3 months - Skyworker scale on Ukrainian Market and provide Customer Discovery in USA & Europe

    Our Clients have offices in Europe and USA - we've conducted the previous research and revealed that the product have a big potential there.
    Our solution of chicken&egg problem
    Companies involve specialists on the platform
    Companies need to have their community in one place to keep warm connection. Skyworker becomes a framework for building measured Employer Brand. All our Early Adopters confirm that providing communication with specialists on Skyworker will be much more effective compared with existing methods.
    Skyworker referral program
    IT specialists attract their friends to the platform because of gamification effect. We' we tested our referral program, 25% of registered people are referrals.
    Our Marketing activities
    We developed Content Marketing & Partnership Strategy for growing specialists traction.
    Our break-even point comes in July, 2020
    in the same month we reach a level of more than $73,000 monthly revenue

    We have calculated financial plan for 2 years. Can present it individually.
    Pre Seed - $ 150 000
    Investments for the period from September 2019 till February 2020 (12 months):

    1. Growth of technical team to 9 people (TeachLead/СТО, 2 FrontEnd Developers, 2 BackEnd Developers, QA, Designer, PM, ML Researcher).

    2. Developing of the first and second product iteration with Predictable Analytics functional.

    3. Growth of business team to 13 people (CEO, CPO, CMO, Copywritter, Brand Book Designer, SEO, 2 BizDev/Sales, 2 Customer Support, 2 Account managers, PR manager

    4. Investments in marketing strategy

    5. Customer Development Research on foreign markets and first sales on these markets.
    Investments for the period from March 2020

    Expansion on the USA and European Markets
    Key KPI`s
    October 2019
    1. Number of Companies on the platform - 28
    2. Number of Specialists on the platform - 3000
    July 2020
    1. Number of Companies on the platform - 100
    2. Number of Specialists on the platform - 24 000
    3. Revenue - $ 73 000
    Time Line
    December 2016
    Foundation of offline service company Skyworker that protects interests of IT specialists before IT companies
    July 2017
    100 IT specialists find their place in IT with Skyworker. Mostly Junior-Middle IT specialists.
    150 IT companies we cooperate with.
    January 2018
    C-level Managers become became the largest part of our clients.
    250 IT companies we cooperate with
    December 2018
    We achieved a milestone of 88 Middle-Senior IT specialists applied for Skyworker service per week.

    February 2019
    Start of work on the Skyworker Product. Daily Customer Discovery with IT Companies and IT specialists. Developed main algorithm.
    Spring 2019
    Gathered 5 Early Adopter clients.

    Have been developed and tested beta version of the product with the force of 3 developers.

    Engaged Technical Partner - WeSoftYou Company.

    Created bootstrapping marketing strategy for Specialists attraction.
    Summer 2019
    Gathered 14 Early Adopter Clients.

    Get pre commit from 2 Clients about the prepayment before release in amount $3000

    Have been launched specialists attraction campaign and get 1300+ pre registrations with 0 costs. Weekly traction growth 10%.

    Hired CTO, stop cooperation with WeSoftYou and optimized the development process.

    Made a pivot in the product - the main Skyworker value now is Growing Community of Specialists. Pivot changed the functional of the product and we still are in the previously planned time frame.

    Created a new positioning and sales pitch that touches deeper clients pain.

    October 2019
    Release of Skyworker Product MVP
    2nd Birthday Party of Skyworker as offline business
    That was the time we decided to start work on the own IT product

    Core Team + Mentors + Partners
    Contact me for more
    Lidiya Terpel
    CEO & founder Skyworker
    Phone: +38 (063) 972 41 00