CEO/COO (Candidate)

We recommend candidate for CEO/COO position

He has a long and consistent track record of leading very efficient departments, increasing market share and profitability, reducing costs and enhancing business operations. His keen business acumen,commercial abilities and proven decision making skills will allow him to make an immediate impact on a bottom line.

Two years ago candidate finished Executive Leadership Program by Stanford University Graduate School of Business.
Candidate has proven track of record in these areas:

General Management

– ensured long-term organizational planning: created and coordinated the implementation and operation of company strategic plan

– increased enterprise profitability

– automated and improved operational processes

– developed and launched new business processes

– reduced business operating costs owing

– participated actively in meetings of the Board of Directors and supervised management team growth

– elaborated and implemented the cutting costs program. Costs we reduced more than 15 mio USD per year


  • exceeded targets for profit growth, which were stated by company owners' grew EBIDTA and increased return on equity
  • successfully sought foreign investments
  • designed and implemented budgeting system

– restarted several websites and increased the website's audience by more than 2.5 times, increased unique users (UMV) by 2 times

– introduced new products internationally

– developed new markets globally

– increases number of Youtube subscribers 3 times (from 50k to 150k)

– increased number of Instagram followers 5 times (from 4k to 20k)

– significantly increased revenue of channels

– reached 1 mlo views for the most popular video


  • increased both workforce numbers and staff efficiency through implementing best practices – increased the Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) through implementing additional services
  • organized and implemented balanced scorecard system
  • developed and implemented company's performance evaluation system

– implemented a tender procurement system that allows extremely cut costs and decrease time of processing purchase orders

Customer Support

– coordinated all transaction handling, investigation, troubleshooting and resolution of client issues

– organized client support 24/7


– ensured compliance with legal obligations and regulatory codes as well as standards

Candidate is an experienced executive with expertise in IT/Media sector. He has excellent people leadership skills, a strong 'customer touch' and proven ability to develop talent.

Executive, who is mature enough to fully understand corporate policies, guidelines and global client strategies to make decisions and take actions needed. As a C-level manager he is a self-motivated and independent executive fostering excellence and able to operate in the best interests of the business consistent with agreed strategic direction and reporting requirements, which is proved by his previous experience. Also, candidate is respected and known for taking responsibility, reaching goals and all the challenges that have been faced. Starting from 2005 obtained GM positions in international businesses (CIS, Cyprus).

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