The platform is being developed now. Find out what are the benefits for Early Adopters.

You have relevant specialists long
before the vacancy is open

Company loses profit, because can't hire specialists in time
The results of this problem are:
Long period of vacancy closing
ASAP positions
Business can't scale faster
We revealed that companies lose 63 days in average to close vacancy
For gathering analytics, searching, conducting interviews and waiting for the candidate to start work
With Skyworker

You have relevant specialists long before the vacancy is open
Thanks to this you:
Shorten the period of vacancy closing to 20 days
Reduce costs for recruiting by 12 times
Get profit immediately instead of wasting time on sourcing
How does our product work?
Company creates its account
Company leaves two types of data on the platform:
1. Detailed information about the company - Company Profile.
2. Data about specialists they hire regularly - Specialists Portraits.
Specialist creates his profile
IT specialist adds data about:
1. Professional background and skills
2. Expectations and ambitions
Algorithm starts working
It generates online pools of relevant specialists for each portrait, analyzing dozens of factors.
Company works with the pool
Company sees all the information about each specialist, their percentage relevance, expectations and can:
1. Start communication with them individually;
2. Grow loyalty of the pool through online mentoring sessions.
Specialists see analytics
Anonymously, they have all analytics about their opportunities in the IT companies.
They have detailed, up-to-date information in one place in a few seconds.
They no longer see irrelevant options.
Company hires loyal relevant specialists at the right moment.
Our approach is a Predictable Hiring
Today there are a lot of tools for ASAP hiring.

And Skyworker, in turn, launches a new model in the hiring culture of companies. We are the first to solve the problem that nobody has solved yet.

What is the Predictable Hiring Approach?
You understand who and how often you are interested in
Gather these candidates in one place
You increase their focus on the specifics of the company and raise their loyalty to the brand
Get a team member ready to perform in time
The platform is being developed now
Find out what are the benefits for the Early Adopters at Skyworker platform.
Today you have access to the Skyworker's open base of the candidate
You can find detailed descriptions, background, strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, his interests, career goals, expectations of salary and feedback about the candidates from our leading professionals of a Senior, Leader, Architect, CTO or C-level (depending on the case of a candidate) in the Base.
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