This is possible thanks to growing company's own community of IT candidates on Skyworker

Get final candidates at the moment of vacancy opening

Technological companies face the problem of a long period of vacancy closure
Skyworker Solution
Give companies final candidates at the moment of vacancy opening, thanks to the growing their own community of IT candidates
With Skyworker
You'll have no "HOT" vacancies. The right candidates are near at the right moment.

How it works?
Create company account
Company leaves two types of data on the platform:
1. Detailed information about the company - Company Profile.
2. Data about specialists they hire regularly - Specialists Portraits.
Get Communities
Algorithm gathers relevant specialists in pools for each Specialists Portrait in one place.
Company gets analytics about Specialists relevance, skills and motivation.
Grow Employer Brand
Platform gives variety of functional for growing specialists loyalty to the company. When the vacancy opens - recruiters work with pools of specialists who are already interested in the company.
Make Custom Offer
You know everything about specialists needs and demands. Platform gives all possibilities to create custom offers that specialist will accept.
How Skyworker make impact on your company?
Shorten the period for vacancy closing by 5 times
Decrease costs for recruiting by 12 times
0 days
In 3 month delay with vacancy closing = 0 days
Skyworker works on the subscription bases
Price depends on the number of Specialists Portraits you want to monitor and hire on Skyworker
What will you get from Skyworker that isn't anywhere else?
Final candidates at the moment of vacancy opening
Constant up-to-date candidates analytics without effort on your part
A measurable Employer Brand that tells you what you need to improve
Who are our customers?
Innovative companies which are the first who start to grow their own community of IT candidates
How to become a Skyworker Client?
The platform is being developed now. Release will be this autumn. Companies which become our clients before release will get:
discount for the annual subscription package
Employer Branding Consultation during onboarding process
Only 20 companies can become Skyworker User on the Early Adopter bases
17 / 20
Places are already occupied
I want to try Skyworker on the Early Adopter bases
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