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We work with an aim that every specialist in IT can consciously control their career and hava a mentor for professional growth
IT market Analytics
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We work with an aim that every IT specialist can consciously control their career and have a mentor for professional growth. We turn a career from an abstract phenomenon into systematic analytics so that our clients remain relevant in their profession and are satisfied with their professional life.
We study the market needs of specialists and managers, possess the insider information about hundreds of companies and constantly increase our network. Analysis of big data about the IT market is our trend forecasting tool. We make sure that you know what the market is preparing for tomorrow, and therefore, you always remain relevant in your profession.
IT Market Analytics
We cooperate with a wide range of mentors – strong IT specialists. Your advisor will be a professional with the relevant experience and the position you are currently striving for. After individual mentor sessions, you will receive answers to any professional question and qualitatively manage your professional challenges.
Mentor support
Our team provides support from the moment of making a decision about career changes. We help and inspire you during sessions of enhancing your professional knowledge and skills. Together we form the strategies for finding a job, learn about new companies and celebrate the acceptance of the offer.
Full cycle service
We take into account individual factors when creating a career scenario. The Skyworker team analyzes market segments deeply, selects a mentor with relevant experience, appoints a personal manager who defends your interests before the company.
Individual approach
We'll proсess you request and invite you to the individual consultation. You'll receive market analytics on your specialty and step by step plan to your career goals.
Acquaintance and Consultation
Consultation with TOP specialists in your field. You will receive detailed feedback about your professional level, the most promising IT directions and determine where your experience is most valued now.
Mentor support
Individual meetings with a practising consultant who has already reached the level you strive for. After the mentoring sessions, you get knowledge that helps you move quickly to the desired level in the company.
Market analytics
You get analytics for relevant vacancies (including those which are not publicly announced), areas of responsibility, project details, and even salary.
Our manager sorts the market offers carefully and selects the ones which suit your request and career ambitions in the best way. You choose the best option for cooperation together which will lead to the realization of your professional dream.
Your offer!
You will continue to grow professionally after the offer. We will suggest a strategy for consulting mentors-practitioners for your further advancement in the IT market.
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Senior .Net Engineer
Skyworker's client Serhiy Tomashevich. Senior .NET developer. Received Full Cycle Service from professional level evaluation to individual recommendations to IT companies.
Senior Business Analyst
Skyworker's client Bohdan Koroloyv. Senior Business Analyst. Received Full Cycle Service from professional level evaluation to individual recommendations to IT companies.
Middle IT Sales
Skyworker's client Polina Semenova. Middle IT Sales. Received Full Cycle Service from professional level evaluation to individual recommendations to IT companies.
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