We are well-versed in the difference between the needs of startups, product and outsourcing companies. That is why we recommend specialists who meet the technical requirements of the position, business goals and even team spirit in your company.

Skyworker recommends proven candidates and top consultants to IT companies

We recommend
Proven candidates
The recommended candidates are tested by Skyworker profile consultants: C-level – Senior specialists who are currently working in IT companies and outperform a candidate in professional skills. Through in-depth interviews with candidates, we determine whether their skills meet a resume, and career ambitions correspond to your project.
Consultants for C-level managers
Consultations with top specialists will help you as a company founder or department manager to go through professional challenges.

Here are some cases of tasks that a consultant can handle: the development of a specific company department, access to new markets, business risk calculations, and many more. We check if the recommended consultant has already solved a similar problem to the one you have
How can Skyworker help you?
Time and resources saving
While you are engaged in business tasks, Skyworker pursue the candidates during application with profile interviewers. You get a flow of recommendations of qualified and interested in your project professionals.
Reduction of ASAP positions
With the help of an analytical approach, Skyworker predicts which specialists the company will need in the future. This will allow you to have a sufficient number of relevant candidates and avoid ASAP positions.
Solving the problems of the departments
We will select consultants who will make an independent assessment of the existing processes in a company, help to solve the urgent problems in a business and consult your specialists.
Skyworker's work plan with IT companies
Get acquainted
We thoroughly study the technology stack of the client company, the year's plan of hiring, the profiles of the most efficient employees and other important details.
Evaluation of IT candidates
We evaluate the profiles of candidates and consultants from the Skyworker base. Our goal is to guarantee a win-win result for both parties – the specialization and career expectations of our specialists coincide with the needs and corporate culture of your company.
Interviews and professional level confirmation
We interview the candidates. Our professional consultant determines the professional level of the candidate during the interview; which type of company will benefit the most from this kind of specialist and where his skills are now valued the most. By recommending a candidate, we explain all his strengths and weaknesses and guarantee professionalism of this person.
We recommend only "right" people to IT companies. Our candidate is ready to consider your company since he has chosen it from dozens of proposed ones. The candidate's experience exactly corresponds to the job description and his personal qualities are in line with your corporate culture. This is because we study the activities of the IT company carefully before recommending them a specialist.
We keep you up to date
We keep you up to date with the latest news. We are the first to learn about strong professionals who are interested in new offers and share this information with partner companies.
Terms of cooperation
Recommendations of proven Candidates to your team (from C-level to Middle level)
50% of the full monthly salary of the hired candidate
Recommendations of Consultants for C-level management
Payment depends on the rank of selected specialist. It is based on the direction and position of the consultant.
You always have access to the Skyworker's open base of the candidate
You can find detailed descriptions, background, strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, his interests, career goals, expectations of salary and feedback about the candidates from our leading professionals of a Senior, Leader, Architect, CTO or C-level (depending on the case of a candidate) in the Base.

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