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What is Skyworker?

Оnce I asked myself: “What company mаy fit all of my requirements?” I wаs dreаming to find a person to dig the whole IT market and find such a company for me. The one with technologies and tasks I want to work, а great team I would be comfortable to spend time with and salary that meets my skills. Why do I have to knock at random doors and let my career out of control?

Here comes the idea of Skyworker – а company that helps IT specialists of technical and non-technical background to find their place in IT.

Skyworker provides mentor support, in-depth IT market analysis and recommendations of our clients to IT companies. We are “advocates” of C-Level, Senior, Middle specialists to the companies and help our clients to stay demanded on the IT market. We hope that no one else is left alone with the question “What company mayl fit all of my requirements?”


(c) Lidiya Terpel – CEO & founder Skyworker.


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Your path in Skyworker

  • Consulting Support

    Skyworker career consultants estimate your level of qualification and determine your prospects on the IT market.

  • Mentorship

    Our mentors are top specialists who already work in IT companies at the level you want to achieve. Qualification level of mentors: C-level, Lead, Senior of technical and non-technical specialties in IT.

  • IT market analysis

    Skyworker managers work with hundreds of IT companies every day. They provide relevant IT market analytics for your specialty.

  • Recommendations to IT Companies

    Skyworker Manager confidentially negotiates with hundreds of IT companies that you are interested in. This manager is your “advocate” to IT companies.

  • Your offer!

    You get an offer in a company that fits all your requirements.

Skyworker Team

  • Lidiya Terpel
    Lidiya Terpel Founder & CEO

    +380 63 972 41 00

  • Oleksandra Bernatska
    Oleksandra Bernatska COO

    +380 93 727 83 76

  • Olha Kapinos
    Olha Kapinos Marketing Manager

    +380 73 053 28 85

  • Viktoria Nalyvaiko
    Viktoria Nalyvaiko Head of BizDev & Talent Promotion Department

    +380 063 196 23 73

  • Olha Karasevych
    Olha Karasevych Talent Promotion Consultant
  • Artem Pyndyk
    Artem Pyndyk Talent Promotion Consultant

    +38 063 529 56 05

  • Ihor Zarechniy
    Ihor Zarechniy Sales & Lead generation manager

    +38 098 592 74 23

  • Tetiana Roi
    Tetiana Roi Talent Acquisition Consultan

    +48 799 792 577

  • Valeriia Shcherbina
    Valeriia Shcherbina PR Manager

    +38 097 123 0612

Skyworker Consultants

  • Pavlo Baranovskyi
    Pavlo Baranovskyi Playtech / Senior Java Developer
  • Vladyslav Kurmaz
    Vladyslav Kurmaz GlobalLogic / Consultant Software Engineer
  • Volodymyr Mirnenko
    Volodymyr Mirnenko WIX / Product Manager
  • Mykola Savin
    Mykola Savin Competera / Head of Products
  • Artur Seletskyi
    Artur Seletskyi Lizard Soft / COO
  • Mkhytar Mkhoian
    Mkhytar Mkhoian Lalafo / Android Software Engineer
  • Pavlo Berlinets
    Pavlo Berlinets iDeals / QA Technical Lead
  • Stanislav Assanov
    Stanislav Assanov Senior JavaScript Developer
  • Anton Fedulov
    Anton Fedulov Sales Label in IT / Owner
  • Maksym Vishnevetskiy
    Maksym Vishnevetskiy Luxoft / Head of Delivery, Monitoring and Support
  • Volodymyr Koshel
    Volodymyr Koshel Senior Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer
  • Andriy Umanskyi
    Andriy Umanskyi WIX / Product Owner
  • Oleksandr Marchenko
    Oleksandr Marchenko Maxpay / PM
  • Pavlo Deev
    Pavlo Deev Prof-it / Designer & Art-director
  • Oleksandr Mahomet
    Oleksandr Mahomet Upwork / Product Architetct
  • Vitaliy Sharovarov
    Vitaliy Sharovarov Jiji.ng (Genesis) / Chief Marketing Officer
  • Oleh Ivaniuk
    Oleh Ivaniuk Ciklum / Senior JavaScript Developer
  • Maryna Shevchenko
    Maryna Shevchenko Charmtech Labs / QA Team Lead
  • Artem Bykovets
    Artem Bykovets Agile Coach
  • Vladyslav Furdak
    Vladyslav Furdak DataArt / Senior .NET Developer
  • Serhiy Onoprienko
    Serhiy Onoprienko NDA startup / iOS Developer
  • Andriy Prokofiev
    Andriy Prokofiev EPAM Poland / Senior Software Test Engineer
  • Ernest Ipekchiev
    Ernest Ipekchiev Cogniance / Software engineer
  • Stanislav Myzenko
    Stanislav Myzenko Prof-it / Lead Designer
  • Osman Ramazanov
    Osman Ramazanov Adsy / Product Manager
  • Yaroslav Bosenko
    Yaroslav Bosenko UI/UX Designer
  • Liubomyr Polyarush
    Liubomyr Polyarush ABBYY / Software PM
  • Volodymyr Usychenko
    Volodymyr Usychenko DimeToGo / CTO
  • Yevhen Zhurer
    Yevhen Zhurer ABBYY / Business Development Manager
  • Andriy Palatnyi
    Andriy Palatnyi Self-employed / Front-end developer
  • Dmytro Radchenko
    Dmytro Radchenko DimeToGo / CTO
  • Vasyl Slyvka
    Vasyl Slyvka Playtika / Project Manager
  • Olha Shvets
    Olha Shvets StarOfService / Human Resources Manager
  • Yuliya Ivanochko
    Yuliya Ivanochko Vector Synergy / Project Coordinator
  • Yuliya Vovkotrub
    Yuliya Vovkotrub MIRA IT Recruiting / Senior Recruitment specialist

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