IT Jobs that will open in 2, 3, 6 months
Get premium access to the real salary companies pay such specialists as you by signing up before platform release
How do we know what vacancies and when will open?
Companies have their strategic hiring plans on Skyworker
They register vacancies that will appear in the future: in 1, 2 ... 6 months
The platform will select options that are written for you
You start working at the convinient time.
Skyworker - it's like info from your friend in the company, but on the global scale
Test beta version
Tell us what you want. We''ll create you anonymous profile automatically when the platform will be ready. You'll see vacancies that will open in 2,3,6 months
Is it confidential?
Yes. Your profile on the platform is anonymous. You can open data about yourself when you wish.
How does the platform work?
Skyworker is based on an algorithm that compares your skills and expectations with all the companies offers. The algorithm analyzes your skills, level of knowledge, experience, expectations regarding companies and dozens of other factors that affect ranking.

As a result, you get a pool of offers that fit you by 60% or more, are regular and you can communicate anonymously with these companies. You also see what exactly is missing in order to get 100% relevance.
Which companies will be on your platform?
All companies at Skyworker are stable and open to innovations. We negotiate with each of them and provide the most detailed information on various aspects of their activities.
Platform is being developed now, and you will see it first. It will be free for specialists
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