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He shows top job options for you that haven't been published anywhere
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Do you consider changing a job? - It's easy now
Get a set of top job options which fit your demands
See all information that is usually lacking: about the project, hiring stages, tech lead and the team
Choose the most promising job option among the best ones
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Skyworker will show you the top job options that are not published anywhere right after platform launch
Now you control the process
If you change a job - then choose the most favorable one
IT specialist (c)
Previously, I found out cool information about job options from my friends in different companies. Now I have such a friend in all IT companies;) He recommends me only to those ones that satisfy my requirements.
All that is needed to start is 5 min of your time
Tell Skyworker what you're interested in. And we will show you the top job options that have not been published anywhere yet
And yes, you can be completely anonymous :-)
Is it confidential?
Yes. Your profile on the platform is anonymous. You can open data about yourself when you wish.
How does the platform work?
Skyworker is based on an algorithm that compares your skills and expectations with all the companies offers. The algorithm analyzes your skills, level of knowledge, experience, expectations regarding companies and dozens of other factors that affect ranking.

As a result, you get a pool of offers that fit you by 60% or more, are regular and you can communicate anonymously with these companies. You also see what exactly is missing in order to get 100% relevance.
Which companies will be on your platform?
All companies at Skyworker are stable and open to innovations. We negotiate with each of them and provide the most detailed information on various aspects of their activities.
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